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Mandy has struggled with chronic pain for 12 years now and she has learned a few things along the way. She desires to share how she found harmony in the chaos of pain. She has two books in the process: 1) A children’s book about a child whose mother has fibromyalgia. 2) a Book of Devotions on Finding Harmony with your Chaos of Pain.


Mandy Farmer has a true heart of caring for children. She spent decades as a Pastor's wife,  serving the young ones in many churches through the years. She draws on her experience growing up on the family farm to give her down-to-earth explanations about farm animals. And she allows God to give her strength to share her wisdom, even as she deals with multiple Chronic Illnesses. I'm honored to call her a dear writing friend.

--Bettie Gilbert, blogger at Bettie's RA Seasons

-Fibromyalgia can be a hard condition to understand, even for adults. Mandy does a wonderful job of explaining how fibromyalgia can affect families and how they can adjust to continue to spend quality time together, in terms that children can easily comprehend. If you or a loved one lives with fibromyalgia and has children, I highly recommend this book! - Terri Sutula, Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Nutrition Coach, Olive Tree Saints 

"Mandy Farmer is a wonderful patient advocate, passionate about raising awareness of fibromyalgia and chronic disease. This beautiful children's book explains so clearly the day-to-day impacts on a family when a mom is living with fibromyalgia. It is a story told with both child-like simplicity, through the eyes of a young daughter, while having a depth of understanding relatable to adults living with any chronic illness. This book provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to read with their children to help them clearly see the issues of dealing with fibromyalgia. Plus, it can be used as an effective resource to facilitate a family discussion time. 'Soft Hugs for Mommy' deals with a difficult topic, but is written in a delightful, realistic, and uplifting way. " Sam Moss, Author "My Medical Musings, A Story of Love, Laughter, Faith, and Hope, Living With A Rare Disease" 

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Writing and supporting others with Chronic Pain


Chronic Pain Warrior writes about how to make it through anything - relating her own experiences to her writing. She desires to spread that passion to you. Her passion is to encourage.